Game Changers or mere audience

27 May

For a long time  I had been thinking of being a little more flexible(cutting the ice now) and of penning down my thoughts about the rural transformation that I am watching through my own phase of complex makeover. A short stint with an educational e-startup where I worked to ensure that our students crack the dreaded MBA entrance exams  and become the bright yound leaders of tomorrow, posed more questions for me than the solutions & provided more anxious moments than the good effects of the sweet drugs(non injurious to health). There is nothing that I have against my previous organisation or against the MBA wannabes but about me,about my real, visible & tangible contribution  or if I  cut it short about what I really want to do.

We all aspire to create a big impression in whatever we do. You talk to someone who has just started a venture, he would have a plan of how to take the venture up to 100 crore mark, a newly opened restaurant by a B School grad will have concrete plans on the lines of MCDonalds or CCDs which are just ubiquitous and could easily be located provided you extend your neck just a little further. Mr. Suresh Kalmadi also had similar plans but then things can’t go right for our”World Class” politicians(read Jairam Ramesh) all the time.

Walking on a different track than what our politicians have chosen, I decided to work in the domain of vocating skilling in the rural areas, a sector where the kuchha construction has just begun(forget the red carpet ). The sector looks promising and if I could be a little more sarcastic will look promising for a couple of more years to come. India has ever been talked about its population, about the farmers,about the poor India  and always the big numbers have caught the eye of the people. I have even started to realise that we as Indians have started to find a hidden happiness in boasting ourselves of this fact( though critics might defer on my view). I often come across the facts such as 50% of our population is under 25 years of age or 65% under the age of 35 and so on and so forth. Where do we actually go from these stats mentioned above? Or are these stats good enough for a nice piece of article(including mine) where the number of zeroes at the end help us in bagging the numero uno spot.

I am only trying to highlight the grave issue whose sole solution lies in that open source word which we have been hearing ever since our first grey cell got activated , none other than “education”. Education has to be feeded in the beaker full of rural mass in ways that defer for children, adults and the older ones. Education is the only primary need apart from a basic dose of just enough roti, kapda & makaan. Pockets of realisation of this fact has started to happen atleast on some scale and in my subsequent write-ups I would bring along such works and something what I have been associated with.

Lets just not compel Mr. Abdul Kalam to apologize for making the title of his book as Vision 2020 and to force him to change it to Vision “I have no answer”.  Spare a thought for that truck driver whose daughter has cracked the IIT JEE entrance examination today than worrying about the fact that you could not see Shahrukh Khan dance had his team KKR reached in the finals.

Spare a thought for us… for India.

A fully literate INDIA.


One Response to “Game Changers or mere audience”

  1. Ashish May 27, 2011 at 7:21 AM #

    Instead of sparing the thought for the truck driver’s daughter, efforts should be put in to make her realise that she has a bigger responsibility of uplifting the similar of her kind instead of getting rich herself! 🙂

    Luck wishes for you in what you aim to achieve! 🙂 And as Alex Supertramp said “True happiness lies in making your neighbors happy.”!

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